Gorilla "H" Post Fence

An Alternative to a Routed Post Fence System

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This alternative method of building a fence utilizes a “H” Post similar to the old Tuf-Fence System.

In lieu of routed posts, these posts can be put in the ground without fine tuning the height like you have to with the routed post systems. You can also step each section when going down a grade without pre-measuring and pre- ordering the posts with a set step dimension. In other words, every post is the same. There are no lines posts, corner posts, or step posts, etc. Rails are connected to posts, with screws and hole plugs.

With the new program, there is a 1.75″ inside dimension “U” channel that is screwed onto the post to make a corner post or “T” post. There is also, a 1.75″ outside dimension “U” Channel (filler) to fill the un-used pocket in the “H” Post (at the corner or end).

Picture of Gorilla "H" Post Fence | Wooden Fence Screens
H Posts Diagram | Al-Mar Vinyl Ontario