Why Vinyl?

Vinyl fence, deck and rail are the final touches to a maintenance free home

Vinyl fence, deck and rail are the final touches to a maintenance free home. More homeowners are turning to vinyl siding and windows. Why not take advantage of those same benefits in your yard?

Al-Mar’s vinyl fence, deck and handrail products will not rot, rust, corrode, chip or peel. They will never need scraping or painting because they are made of high-impact, weather-resistant polyvinyl chloride material. Al-Mar uses a PVC compound with a high level of Titanium Dioxide for long term, ultraviolet (UV) light resistance and acrylic impact modifiers for superior strength and durability. Our formulation is similar to those used in vinyl siding and windows, which have a history of providing long term durability and structural integrity.

Compared to metal or wood, vinyl stands up to the harshest weather conditions without rotting or rusting. Hard water deposits from yard sprinklers require most conventional fences to be repainted, but stains clean easily from vinyl. Initially, the purchase price of vinyl is slightly higher than wood, but it will save you money long term due to:

  • Virtually no maintenance or replacement costs
  • The value of property may actually increase over time because of the continually “brand new” appearance year after year
  • The limited lifetime transferable warranty

The new vinyl fence or deck you install today, will still look as good as new years from now without the expensive upkeep required by other conventional fence materials. There is also no risk of injury to children or pets from slivers or splinters, harsh chemicals, and no concern of rust, corrosion or termite infestation that could destroy the investment you have in your fence, deck and rail.